Regardless of the context through which Child Support matters arise the Law Offices of Chaim Fischweicher P.A. can assist you in dealing with the issues efficiently and effectively. We provide assistance to married and unmarried clients that are seeking to ascertain the proper amount of Child Support for their children.
      Child Support is an issue that must be addressed by the parties whenever minor or dependent children are involved in a Family Law case. Florida Statutes set forth the Child Support Guidelines, the basic starting point for all Child Support Calculations. We use the latest computer programs to calculate the amount of Child Support that should be paid.       

Once Child Support is established, it can be modified if there is substantial change in circumstances. The Law Offices of Chaim Fischweicher P.A. confidently handles modifications to Child Support and any other agreements or court orders that may have been established.

      If your spouse is not paying Child Support, you can obtain an Enforcement Order through the court. The court may also order your spouse to pay reasonable court costs and lawyer’s fees. The Law Offices of Chaim Fischweicher P.A.  also handles enforcement actions.

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Law Offices of Chaim Fischweicher, P.A.
18800 NW 2nd Avenue, Suite 211 Miami, FL 33169
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