The subject of Paternity arises in different ways. At The Law Offices of Chaim Fischweicher P.A. we handle cases in which it is appropriate to file an action to determine paternity. This type of action is generally filed on behalf of a mother, to legally establish the financial obligations of the father to support a child, or on behalf of the father, to establish his rights as the father of the child. Paternity actions may also include seeking custody for either parent in appropriate circumstances.

     We strive to help Paternity clients understand their rights and options within the bounds of the law. Once the child’s parentage has been established, the related Custody, Visitation, and/ or Child Support matters can be properly addressed. Each parent has a duty to support his or her children, and each parent has the right to be an active participant in the lives of his or her children.


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Law Offices of Chaim Fischweicher, P.A.
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