Domestic Violence charges are serious and can have a dramatic impact on your life and that of any children involved. We at the Law Offices of Chaim Fischweicher, P.A. recognize the seriousness of Domestic Violence and the ramifications of abuse. We are dedicated to helping clients understand their options for seeking an answer to the Domestic Violence problems they may be encountering.

      Our firm represents both victims and alleged perpetrators of Domestic Violence in civil court. We strongly stand up for our clients in court when they are requesting Restraining Orders and Injunctions against their abuser, and when they are wrongfully and falsely accused of abuse. You do not have to face these issues alone, we will stand with you throughout  the entire process.

We assist victims of Domestic Violence when presenting their case to the judge to make it very clear that the acts of Domestic Violence occurred, that the victim has a reasonable fear of further acts of Domestic Violence and that it is in the victim’s best interest to obtain a Domestic Violence Restraining Order or Injunction to protect him or herself. We never condone violence, but we also are aware that there are instances where men and women are accused unjustly and falsely  of Domestic Violence. In such situations we assist our clients to persuade the judge to dismiss wrongfully obtained Domestic Violence Injunctions.

      If you have been accused of Domestic Violence and need qualified representation or need assistance in obtaining a Domestic Violence Restraining Order or injunction, let our firm help you stand up for your rights.


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